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  • 1(üks) Pumppüss Ege-Pump-Action kaliiber 12 on väga hea valik kodu kaitseks.
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    In order to react to the quickly changing threats faced by police forces all over Europe, especially those threats presented by Islamic terrorist, law enforcement needs to quickly rethink its armament. The recent terroristic attacks have proven, today’s police side arms are not able to cope with an opponent armed with military assault rifles and bomb vests. This is the main reason for the development of the Universal Service Weapon (USW). It was to designed to be a weapon which enables the first responder, thus the normal patrol officer, to intervene effectively in the event of a terrorist event. It is also a sidearm that is suitable for every kind of “normal” police work.
    Calibre 9 x 19 mm
    System Browning system
    Operation Semi automatic
    Length min./max. 257 mm / 473 mm
    Width 44 mm with closed stock
    Height 170 mm
    Barrel Length 110 mm
    Weight 1170 g
    Stock Pull 368 mm
    Primary Sighting System Aimpoint NANO
    Suppressor connector M13.5x1 left
    NAR Rails 1
    Magazines 17, 19 and 30 rounds
    Handling Ambidextrous
    Shoulder stock Foldable
    Also included B&T APL Advanced Pistol Light, one each 17, 19 and 30 round magazine, duty holster, cleaning kit, sling, manual, case.
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  • Ettetellimisel

    Canik TP9 SFx

    TP9 SFx is developed to serve as the Premium version of TP Series Pistols with its 5.20 inch barrel. SFx comes with many new features as modular for the shooter to enjoy more in target shooting. Equipped with front serrations, extended magazine catch and extended slide stop, the shooter’s control of the pistol is enhanced and sighting is improved thanks to the fiber-optic front sight. The tolerances are tightened; the trigger stroke is shortened therefore allowing for quicker firing rates with integrated trigger safety, an optic mount slot is introduced to facilitate the mounting of popular Red-Dot optical sights by installing interfaces that also enables cocking lever for smooth loading. Thanks to the weight reducing cuts on the slide, the weight of SFx is similar to the standard size TP Series Pistols.
    • Full-Size Polymer Frame
    • High Capacity Magazine
    • DA/SA or SAO Trigger System with Trigger Safety
    • Integral Accessory Picatinny Rail (MIL-STD-1913)
    • Side Changeable Magazine Catch
    • Serrated Trigger Guard
    • Cerakote ® Finish
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